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Összevadásztam a netről, azokat a Z22SE-t érintő műszaki információs közlönyöket (field remedy), melyek a TIS-ben szerepelnek. Ismeretük bizonyos esetekben rendkívül hasznos lehet. Ha esetleg találok még, akkor bővítem a listát.

Field Remedy: 1424
Subject: Camshaft seizure and / or engine damages - Burst oil filter cartridge

Models: Engines: Option:
Zafira 2001...2002,Speedster 2001...2002,Vectra-B 2001...2002,Astra-G 2001...2002,Astra-G Coupe 2001...2002,Astra-G Cabrio 2001...2002

Complaint: Camshaft seizure and / or engine damages
Cause: Burst oil filter cartridge
Production: As of Enginenumber 11022036, only oilfilter elements according to specification have been used in production.
FunctionalGroup: J - Engine
Complaint Group: 01 - Broken or Cracked

In case of complaint please repair engine as required.
Important! Please do not use the following part/catalog numbers anymore:
oilfilter assy. 93 173 660 / 56 50 335
oilfilter assy. 09 194 745 / 06 50 314
oilfilter assy. 09 198 748 / 56 50 329
oilfilter element 09 194 746 / 06 50 315
oilfilter element 93 171 212 / 56 50 331
Only the following parts have to be used:
oilfilter assy. 93 175 492 / 56 50 336
oilfilter element 93 175 493 / 56 50 337
Please make sure for the next Service Inspection, that only the released oilfilter elements will be used. Please use only the oilfilter assembly parts in case of cover/screwing leakages.
Field Remedy: 1464
Subject: Rear crankshaft seal ring - Oil leakage

Zafira 2002...,Astra-G 2002...,Vectra-B 2002...,Speedster 2002...,VX220 2002...
Complaint:See above.
Cause:Oil return orifice between main bearing and seal ring to crank case not properly machined, causing overpressure in this area, resulting in an oil leakage.
Production:Production process changed as of engine No: 11 041 547

In case of a customer complaint disassemble rear crankshaft seal ring and check oil return orifice (i.e. a wire). Orifice must be completely machined (Diameter 5 mm). If OK, assemble with new rear crankshaft seal ring. If NOK, replace short block.
Please note:
If a whistling noise occurs, especially at idle speed in the area of the radial shaft seal (transmission side) it might be that the orifice (connection crank case ventilation) in the elbow hose (air cleaner to throttle valve body) has not properly drilled. Due to pressure differences the mentioned whistling noise can occur. The noise disappears when the oil dip stick is pulled out, because of crank case ventilation. 
Remedy: Replace part.
Astra-G, Zafira: Partnumber 24408176 / Catalognumber 58 36 818
Vectra-B:        Partnumber 9196367  / Catalognumber 83 58 23
Speedster:       Partnumber 9198076  / Catalognumber 48 01 076 
Field Remedy: 1529
Subject: All Z engines - Overrun fuel cutoff device temporarily not active

Models: Engines: Option:
All 2001... Z10XE| Z12XE| Z14XE| Z16XE| Z16YNG| Z18XE| Z18XEL| Z16SE| Z22SE| Z22XE| Z32SE| Z20LET None
Complaint: Temporary no overrun.
Cause: Normal engine characteristic.

In case of complaint inform the customer about the modified engine characteristic to protect the catalytic converter. Since introduction of the EOBD functionality (MY 2001) the engine management of all Z-engines was adapted as follows: When the catalytic converter reaches a critical temperature the overrun fuel cut-off device will be deactivated to avoid early ageing of the cat. This happens especially in lean combustion operation e.g. in overrun condition after high speed drive. The a.m. description is also included in the owners manual since Vectra-C (page 181) and will be introduced for all other carlines step by step.
FunctionalGroup: J - Engine
Complaint Group: 19 - Poor Engine Driveability
Trouble Code: None
Field Remedy: 1532
Subject: Engine Z22SE - Broken Timing Chain

Models: Engines: Option:
Astra-G 2000...2002,VX220 2000...2002,Speedster 2000...2002,Zafira 2000...2002,Vectra-B 2000...2001 Z22SE,Z22SE,Z22SE,Z22SE,Z22SE
Complaint: Engine damaged by broken timing chain.
Cause: Missing or unsufficient lubrication of the timing chain.
Production: Modified timing chain and lubrication nozzle have been introduced in production as of the following engine-No: 11065400 (March 2002).

Note: Please check first if the car is included in Service Campaign 03-P-24.
Vehicles not included in above mentioned Service Campaign have to be fixed as follows:
In case of customer complaint please use for the necessary repair the timing chain kit. This kit contains the modified timing chain and lubrication nozzle.
In case of necessary engine repair please consider the local requirements.
Note: This Quick Information is valid for all Z22SE engines until enginenumber 11065400.
Spare-Parts: Qty: Part-No.: Catalog-No.:
Timing Chain Repair Kit 1 12577385 56 36 400
Gasket, Cover, Oil Pump 1 90537915 06 46 295
Gasket, Cylinder Head Cover 1 90537319 06 07 494
Gasket, Oil Pump to Cylinder Block 1 24435052 06 46 902
Seal, Ring, Crankshaft Front 1 90571925 06 38 199
Screw, Hex. HD., Damper to Crankshaft 1 90537363 06 14927
Field Remedy: 1653
Subject: F23 transmission - Bad cold shifting behaviour in 1st and 2nd gear

Models: Engines: Option:
Astra-G 1998...2004,Zafira 1999...2004,Speedster 2001...2004,VX220 2001...2004,Vectra-B 1998...2004,Vectra-C 2002...2004,Signum 2003...2004 All,All,All,All,All,All,All F23 Transmission
Complaint: Some customer complain about bad cold shifting behaviour in 1st and 2nd gear. The gearshift mechanism is correctly adjusted and clutch system is bleeded.
Cause: Tolerances of toothing of the sliding gear.
Production: Introduction of transmission with modified siding gear as of transmission number Gxx03240969 in calendar week 41 / 2003.

In case of customer complaint the sliding gear has to be replaced by using the Repair Kit, Partno.: 9201451 / Catalogno.: 16 07 013. There is no need to replace the entire transmission.
FunctionalGroup: K - Clutch/Transmission
Complaint Group: 08 - Hard to operate
Trouble Code: None
Field Remedy: 1713
Subject: Engine Z22SE, Z22YH - High oil consumption

Models: Engines: Option:
Vectra-C 2003...2004,Zafira 2003...2004,Astra-G 2003...2004,Astra-G Coupe 2003...2004,Speedster 2003...2004,VX220 2003...2004,Signum 2003...2004 Z22SE| Z22YH,Z22SE,Z22SE,Z22SE,Z22SE,Z22SE,Z22YH
Complaint: High oil consumption.
Cause: Tangential force of piston rings and plating out of specification.
Production: Piston rings with correct tangential force have been introduced as of the following engine no's: Z22YH: Engine-no. 11 384014 Z22SE: Engine-no. 11 379771

In case of complaint, carry out oil measuring procedure according TIS 2000 first (document 00030907).
If oil consumption exceeds the specification:
Z22YH engine: Replace piston rings on complaint engines.
Z22SE engine: Engines in the engine-no. range 11 300883 - 11 378500 please carry out TSB 1791 first. If the oil consumption does not decrease please change in addition the piston rings.
Spare-Parts: Part-No.: Catalog-No.:
Piston ring set, Z22SE 9194704 06 30 569
Piston ring set, Z22YH 93174528 06 30 122
FunctionalGroup: J - Engine
Complaint Group: 09 - High Consumption
Trouble Code: None
Field Remedy: 1721
Subject: Engine Z22SE-EGR Valve - Defective EGR Valve to be omit

Models: Engines: Option:
Vectra-C 2002...2004,Astra-G 2000...2004,Zafira 2001...2004,Astra-G Coupe 2000...2004,Astra-G Cabrio 2001...2004 Z22SE,Z22SE,Z22SE,Z22SE,Z22SE
Complaint: Defective EGR valves should be removed on the Z22SE engine. The EGR pipe remains in the engine.
Cause: The Euro 4 emission standard will be met even without EGR-valve. This is because of a modified Z22SE ECU calibration.
Production: On Speedster the EGR valve will remain until end of production. On the Vectra-C, Astra-G and Zafira the EGR-valve will be omit during MY 2004 (running change). The following modifications will be introduced: 1. Engine wiring harness adapted 2. Cover plate for the exhaust gas recirculation duct 3. Omission of exhaust gas recirculation pipe 4. Intake manifold without connection for exhaust gas recirculation pipe 5. New engine control unit calibration 6. Modified bracket for upper engine cover

In case of customer complaint where an EGR valve is detected as faulty during diagnosis, it should not be renewed but removed.
1. Close exhaust gas recirculation port with a cover plate (Part-/Cat.-No.: 24575592 / 58 50 526) by using gasket (Part-/Cat.-No.: 12570863 / 08 51 761). The groove on the plate has to show in direction of radiator and and the plate labeling upwards.
2. Fix the superfluous wiring harness connector with a cable strap (connector port in direction to front wall).
3. Program ECU with SPS as of TIS-CD 50 (select without EGR). For torque values and labour time please refer to Service Instruction "Demounting and mounting EGR valve".
Please note:
On the Astra-G and Zafira with Z 22 SE engines, this conversion can only be done on MY 03 vehicles as of the following engine numbers (Omission of pipe- cat):
11 133 945 - MT without check control
11 131 764 - AT without check control
11 133 885 - MT with check control
11 133 302 - AT with check control
On vehicles with engines prior to these numbers (with pipe-cat) the defective EGR valves have to be renewed.
FunctionalGroup: J - Engine
Complaint Group: 19 - Poor Engine Driveability,20 - Poor Performance
Trouble Code: P0404,P0405 
Field Remedy: 1791
Subject: Engine Z22SE - High oil consumption

Models: Engines: Option:
Vectra-C 2003...2005,Zafira 2003...2005,Astra-G 2003...2004,Astra-G Coupe 2003...2005 Z22SE,Z22SE,Z22SE,Z22SE
Complaint: High oil consumption, mainly at high speed driving.
Cause: Closed ventilation channel inside cylinder head cover causes malfunction of crankcase ventilation. This results in an increased engine oil burning.
Production: Improved cylinder head covers have been introduced in production as of the following Engine-no.:11 378501.

Please note:
Affected engine range from 11 300883 to 11 378500. Engines equipt with a new cylinderhead cover are marked with a green dot on the cover beside the connection crankcase ventilation.
In case of customer complaint rework vehicles as discribed in Customer Satisfaction Campaign 04-R-55. If the oil consumption does not decrease after installation of new cylinder head cover please carry out TSB 1713.
FunctionalGroup: J - Engine
Complaint Group: 09 - High Consumption
Trouble Code: None
Field Remedy: 2366
Subject: Engine Z22SE/Z22YH, tensioner timing chain - Rattling noise from timing chain

Models: Engines: Option:
Vectra-B 2001...2003,Astra-G 2001...2004,Zafira 2001...2004,Speedster 2001...2004,VX220 2001...2004,Zafira-B 2005...2009,Astra-H 2007...2009,Vectra-C 2004...2009,Signum 2003...2009 Z22SE,Z22SE,Z22SE,Z22SE,Z22SE,Z22YH,Z22YH,Z22YH,Z22YH
Complaint: Rattling noise from timing chain, often together with elongated timing chain.
Cause: Blocked timing chain tensioner.
Production: A modified Z20NET tensioner will be introduced in production with MY 2009.

Note: For Z22SE engines please first take note of Quick Information 1532.
In case of customer complaint exchange timing chain and install Z20NET timing chain tensioner part-no.: 12608580 / catalogue-no.: 48 07 839.
FunctionalGroup: J - Engine
Complaint Group: 05 - Excessive wear
Trouble Code: None 

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